Window Washing

Window Cleaning by insured professionals

Window Cleaning Services Available:

At Crystal Clean Windows we provide our customers with a variety of crystal clean services including:

  • Exterior Windows
  • Interior Windows
  • Storm Windows & Doors
  • Skylights
  • Window Restoration for windows with oxidation from Aluminum Screens or Bad Elements


Cleaning your windows:

Our professional window cleaners primarily clean your windows traditionally with mild soap & water using squeegees, rags & sponges by hand from professional grade ladders.


For some window cleaning jobs Crystal Clean Windows uses an up-and-coming window “water fed pole” cleaning system: your windows are scrubbed with a wet brush to loosen dirt and then rinsed with highly purified de-ionised water.  Because the water is pure it leave no marks when it dries, much like the “spot free rinse” at an automated car wash.


Window Cleaning by Insured Professionals Scheduling your window cleaning:

Many of our customers choose to be on a set schedule ranging from one to six months.  Others wish to call our office to request a periodic cleaning.  For exterior window cleaning jobs you don’t need to be present; our professional window cleaners will leave an invoice in your front door or predesignated area, and you can mail the payment in the self-addressed envelope.


For interior window cleaning or other services where you’ll need to be present, the professional window cleaner that your window cleaning is assigned to will call you to coordinate an appointment.


Getting Started:

We provide free estimates by phone or from our “Request a Quote Page” based on certain criteria.  When one of our professional window cleaners comes to your home or office building they will “walk the job” to determine the accuracy of the quote you’d been given.  If the quote is accurate or less they will complete the job and leave you an invoice.  If a window cleaning price fair to both you, the customer, and Crystal Clean Windows is more, they will contact you for your approval before they do any work.


Your free estimate takes into consideration a variety of details about your house:

  • Style of house/structure- are all your windows on ground level or are ladders needed?
  •  Additions to your house or office building – do you have a sunroom or solarium with more windows than a typical house would have?
  • Window size – are there oversized windows, extra sliding glass or French doors that will increase the time and care needed?
  • Detailed windows – are some windows small panes, leaded glass or the old metal casement windows that also need extra time & care?

Operators are standing by at 412-798-1084.